Exhibit postponed to November but I will not keep friends waiting

With national vaccination rates still below 10 percent, I had not been very optimistic about the re-opening of big venues. Not surprisingly, organizers announced last week that Art Nordic 2021 is postponed from April to November.

I have decided to find another way to exhibit. Shane, the brother of the colleague of my friend, is helping me make a video. He is production designer, producer, cameraman, editor, and director. The idea is to create a virtual tour of our living room. Our house is not Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen, but right now, it will have to do. Principal photography was done yesterday. With some creative editing, our sofa might look presentable as a staging ground.

Today I drove through Humlebæk and Copenhagen to deliver the first three paintings to my friends, Filomenita, Hedelyn, and Judy. I will figure out how to ship the rest to Texas, Guam, and Manila. By the time Art Nordic opens, I hope to have another set of works ready.