16 paintings — WEAVING series done


That’s it for the WEAVING series, 16 paintings on Filipiniana attire and the women who wear them. The first three were based on images I saw online. The rest were inspired by friends and family who gallantly agreed to help out.

I have already started the SHIFT series with portraits of two colleagues here in Denmark. There are several more planned.

I just finished a drawing for the first of the TEACHERS series. Included here are colleagues and friends from the University of the Philippines and mentors from the past.

In the summer, the plan is to start on a series called MEN! which would be fun because my husband and son will be part of that. I have some brave friends who have already agreed to do this and I hope to get their photos soon.

I am still too scared to do a self portrait (which I have never done). Maybe I will do it towards the end of the SHIFT series.